Silicone Render

What is a Silicone Render?
Silicone render is commonly known as “Thin Coat Render” or “Top Coat” of an External Wall Insulation system, although it is not solely applicable to External Wall Insulation. Silicone Render or Thin, Silicone Top Coat can be applied to Solid walls as well as Light weighed construction as long as the wall has been prepared by an appropriate base coat with a reinforcing mesh.
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Is silicone render any good?
Silicone render is one of the easiest render systems to apply. It has many advantages; It is the most flexible render you can put on the exterior of your building which makes it most unlikely render type to crack. Yet it is very durable. Silicone render is hydrophobic, means that it is water repellent but also it is breathable at the same time.


Why choose Silicone Render?
Silicone render is:
Breathable; Allows structure and walls to breath and dry out just in case you have some moisture trapped. in the building or in the walls, condensation in the building. Less likely to cause a damp problem.
Healthier; It eliminates the risk of damp, moisture and condensation in the structure therefore it prevents the condition for the growth of mould and microorganism.
Water Repallant; It is hydrophobic render any rain water will be repelled from the surface rather than absorbed in to the wall. Therefore, will eliminate the risk if penetrating damp.
No Need to Paint; Silicone render comes pre coloured, you chose the colour before and you don’t need to paint it again. Most silicone render system manufacturers have 30 – 35 standard colours to choose from but some manufacturers even colour match.
Self-Cleaning; Increasingly more manufacturers developing new technologies to make self-cleaning renders now. Here are few of the brands that I know and use: 
PermaRock Nano-Quartz Technology
Baumit NanoporTop Render, Self-Cleaning Pollution-Resistant
Nano Drex Silicone Render EWI-077

How long does silicone render last?
A silicone top coat render with BBA certificate that applied in accordance with manufacturers recommendation should last minimum 25 years.

Can silicone render be painted?
Yes, you can paint over your silicone render but it needs to be breathable paint so the surface of the render is not sealed.[SlideDeck id=578]

Does silicone render crack?
Silicone render is crack resistant, with an appropriate base coat it is much less likely to crack than any other render types, however, you must remember that external rendering is not a structural reinforcement, it is only an extra layer of protection on your walls. If you already have a structural problem or if your building moves, render will not hold your building together.

Can you apply silicone render over existing render?
Yes, if your existing render sound, solid, has no cracks, isn’t de-bonded, it is less than15mm thick and free from dirt, grease, other contamination and it isn’t covered with lose, flacking layers of paint.

How much is silicone render?
That depends on many factors, whether you have an existing render that needs to be hacked back to brickwork? or you have a new build? what is the built up? Light weight blockwork? High density blockwork? Light weight construction with render carrier boards? External Wall Insulation? Etc. Silicone render costs anything from £60 – £90 and more per square meter.

Is silicone render waterproof?
External rendering finished with a silicone top coat is water replant, it will not let rain water soak in to your walls and stops the potential for penetrating damp issue. I would still use the method of multi-coat sand and cement render with Sika1 integral waterproofer for tanking a swimming pool.

Do you need Quotation for Silicone Render?
If you would like a quotation for a silicone top coat render please contact us
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