Self Cleaning Render

Self Cleaning Render

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Have you heard about the Self Cleaning Render?
Acrylic Render, Silicone Render, now, wait; Self Cleaning Render. Yes, Self Cleaning Render.
Nano technology makes it possible and there are few companies in UK that is manufacturing Self Cleaning Render that we use.
Fungi, mould, algae build up on the façades of buildings has always been a problem. Self cleaning render engineered with Nano technology also cleans dust, smoke and particles. Nano technology in renders reduces the need building renovation.
Some manufacturers Self Cleaning Renders uses rain water to clean itself like the StoLotus. Others uses sunlight to clean itself like BAUM Nanopor Continue reading “Self Cleaning Render”

External Rendering

There are many different reasons why people want external render done to their properties, there for so many types of rendering.

Some people want rendering on a new build property, some people wants because the existing render on their property has been damaged, cracked, de-bonded, they want simply replacement of the existing render. In most cases it would be a conventional Sand, Cement and Lime onsite mixed render. Due to its density, high cement content, it tends to crack, much more easily than ready mixed or non-cementitious renders. Continue reading “External Rendering”

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