Sand and Cement Render

Sand and Cement Render is highly skilled, and deteriorating trade. If sand and cement rendering done by experienced professional who takes pride in what they do, it will add to the sales potential of your property whether you sell immediately or few years down the line.  If the sand and cement render is not done by specialist, it will not only look horrible and devalue your property but also will crack, blow off, even fall off the walls in a very short time, due to lack of knowledge and experience of the applicator or deliberate usage of the wrong materials to cut the cost down.
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Here, at E Z Plastering and Rendering contractors we have over 30 years of experience. We specialise in all types of internal and external wall coverings.
E Z plastering and Rendering does not only provide a services to domestic clients but we also serve to construction industry in the South, South East London and North Kent. 

Sand and Cement Render
Sand and Cement render with a little bit of lime in the mixture increases the workability of the mortar and makes the render more flexible, which to a certain extend prevents cracks appearing due to shrinkage or small movement in the structure. 

There are many different reasons why people want external render done to their properties, there for so many types of rendering.

Some people want rendering on a new build property, some people wants because the existing render on their property has been damaged, cracked, de-bonded, they want simply replacement of the existing render. In most cases it would be a conventional Sand, Cement and Lime onsite mixed render. Due to its density, high cement content, it tends to crack, much more easily than ready mixed or non-cementitious renders.

Even the existing render you have at the moment on the façade of your property that you are looking in to replacing is sand and cement, you do not have to replace with sand and cement render. There are a lot of alternatives available now than ever before.[SlideDeck id=578]

Some of the External Rendering Services We offers
Sand and Cement Render
 Self Cleaning Render 

Lime Render
Polymer Render
Monocouche Render
Weber Pral-M Render
Thermally Insulating Render
External Wall Insulations (EWI)
Solid Wall Insulation (SWI)
Multi-coat waterproofing Render
Breathable Insulated Render
Silicon Render
Acrylic Render
Perlite Render
Ashlar Effect Render
Block Effect Render
Pumice Render
Baumit DP85 Thermally insulating breathable Render
Sto render
Alseco External Wall Insulation systems
Structherm External Wall Insulation & Insulated Render Systems

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