Self Cleaning Render

Have you heard about the Self Cleaning Render?
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Nano technology makes it possible and there are few companies in UK that is manufacturing Self Cleaning Render we use.

Fungi, mould, algae build up on the façades of buildings has always been a problem. Self cleaning render engineered with Nano technology also cleans dust, smoke and particles. Nano technology in renders reduces the need building renovation.
Some manufacturers Self Cleaning Renders uses rain water to clean itself like the StoLotus. Others uses sunlight to clean itself like BAUM Nanopor

BAUMIT- Nanopor
Nanopor systems require nothing more than sunlight, humidity and wind to provide a uniform, dirt-free surface. A special photocatalyst additive, which has been developed by Baumit, uses the power of light to activate the self-cleaning effect in its Nanopor range of renders and paints. The ‘Nanopor-effect’ is produced when sunlight activates the photocatalysis additive in the render or paint, affecting the upper-hydrophilic nano layer within the product whilst it dries. During the process, dirt is decomposed and lifted from the surface by air movement. Any remaining particles are removed by rain and evaporation of absorbed dampness. For a simpler explanation of the ‘Nanopor-effect’; when a drop of water falls on a normal hydrophobic render surface, it will appear as a ‘ball’ of water. A drop of water when dropped onto Baumit NanoporTop loses its surface tension. During evaporation the moisture releases dirt particle, resulting in a dry, clean and beautiful façade.

PermaRock Nano-Quartz Technology
Incoproated in our SiliconeUltra Renders, Nano-Quartz technology provides a step change in the performance level of exterior renders and coatings.

Organically cross-linked nano-particles form a compact, mineral-hard, three dimensional quartz-matrix structure which protects against soiling and keeps façades cleaner for longer. The special silicone resin/binder combination also generates water repellent, highly water vapour permeable surfaces whilst maintaining a robust weather-proof external façade to help minimise costs associated with dealing with surface discolouration over the life of the building.

Nano-Quartz technology renders and coatings incorporate inorganic pigments which offer superior light and colour fastness and enable the use of dark colours (lightness factors as low as 5 are now possible) on insulated external wall insulation) backgrounds.


Nanoxil G is a render that provides a distinctive evenly grained appearance. It is intended for decorative protection of facade wall surfaces of modern tall buildings with no or with minimum protruding roofs. It adheres well to all fine-coarse construction surfaces. It is made on the basis of the latest discoveries in nanotechnologies;

It is more difficult for dust, soot, and other filth to adhere to it due to high content of silicone binders and siloxaned supplements;
Highly resistant on facade surfaces extremely exposed to precipitation
Extremely high resistance to effects of smoke, ultraviolet radiation, and other atmospheric factors;
Long-term resistance to infection with wall algae and mould

A breakthrough in render technology. StoLotusan is the only render with the patented Lotus-Effect®, demonstrating unbeatable water and dirt repellence, and providing the best natural protection against algae growth.
As StoLotusan cures, the surface forms a unique microstructure similar to that found on the lotus leaf, greatly reducing the surface contact of water and dirt particles. Every time it rains, the rainwater simply rolls off the facade, picking up the loose dirt as it goes.
Features & Benefits
Tintable in the Earth Tones range of 493 colours from the StoColor System.
Water and dirt are unable to grip the surface, so the facade is cleaned every time it rains.
Very high CO2 and water vapour permeability.
Provides the best natural resistance against algae and fungus growth by removing the conditions required for them to thrive.
Excellent application properties with trowel or airless spray machine.


Self Cleaning Render
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